Collages & Drawings

In my studio practice I utilize collage as a formal element. It provides a way of putting down tone or erasing previous marks. There is a randomness in collage; the secondary meaning in the text or image becomes an important part of the finished work. Collage provides a method of capturing the fast-paced, often fragmented images of our 21st Century culture. It brings together multiple images and text from various sources into a final portrait. Collage allows me to put layers of images over the scaffolding of a drawing.

In making portraits, I use materials from the subject’s world to create their likeness. This is a modern take on the renaissance tradition of putting objects into a portrait to illustrate the attributes of the subject, for example books to show the subject was educated, a dog to show loyalty or furs to show wealth. In my recent late night series of portraits, I have used collage material from the 9/11 Responders’ act, championed by Jon Stewart, for his portrait. Amy Schumer was done with her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer’s Gun Control bill and John Oliver was done with USA Today and the London Tube Map, because he’s so British.